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WOW! People love counting penguins!

Penguin Watch ( is live – tell your friends, children etc! Already wonderful volunteers have classified about 8000 images to completion (when several people’s clicks agree, the image gets retired).

Thanks so much to Quark Expeditions, who have donated a trip to Antarctica. The hope is that this will really get the message out and encourage new people to take part.


As I get time, I’ll post some of the most interesting pictures that people are flagging up as interesting, curious or beautiful.

To start, here’s Port Lockroy in an Autumnal blizzard:

Probably gentoos returning from the sea at Petermann – we tried a highway camera a little while ago:

Also, people are flagging up images that are out of the ordinary, like this. The unexpected can be particularly interesting:


A sheathbill on Danco Island in the middle of winter- definitely not meant to be here!

Thanks to everyone out there who is clicking, and to dedicated volunteers like Zsuzi, AvastMH, NickyPeng and Vroni, the superusers who have been moderating everyone on this.

Thank you!

Zooniverse is coming!

In time for World Penguin Day, we’re getting all of this year’s imagery ready to relaunch Penguin Watch ( on the Zooniverse crowdsourcing site.


We have even more collaborators than before and imagery from all around the Southern Ocean. Colin Southwell from the Australian Antarctic Division is our stalwart from East Antarctica, who first started using cameras to monitor penguins. We’ve also got the first data from Jefferson Hinke at NOAA, the US programme on King George Island. They have been monitoring penguins at two sites for several decades, but we’re now all working together to integrate cameras into this.

More to come and the best is we should have a fantastic prize draw for those who help – we’ll announce that on Saturday!


Home from the sea.

We’re all back, and now is the less glamorous, but arguably more important part of the year. Everyone has caught up on sleep, friends and family and mostly cleaned and repaired the kit for next year.

Nice clean clothing! It gets to stay this way until October...

Nice clean clothing! It gets to stay this way until October…

Now we’re focused on processing the 1/2 million plus data points, and turning this into useful science for policy. This is particularly pressing amid debates as to what is next for the krill fishery:

Meanwhile, we have ongoing outreach activities where we’re teaching kids about penguins and what it’s like to live and work in Antarctica. Mostly, they love trying on over-sized clothing.

Education and outreach: teaching kids about penguins at WOWHOW? in Oxford.

Education and outreach: teaching kids about penguins at WOWHOW? in Oxford.

It's important to buy shoes with room to grow.

It’s important to buy shoes with room to grow.