13th January 2016
The name is Island, Danger Island…
10th January 2016
Update from the Arctic
9th January 2016
South Georgia, mon amor.
27th April 2015
WOW! People love counting penguins!
24th April 2015
Zooniverse is coming!
10th April 2015
Home from the sea.
15th March 2015
Last trip – on the way home.
10th March 2015
The Antarctic Peninsula in Glorious Sunshine.
3rd February 2015
South Sandwich, baby!
9th January 2015
Placing cameras in the Antarctic
9th January 2015
Help annotate our images with PenguinWatch
13th December 2014
From South Georgia to the Peninsula
4th December 2014
Life in the Field- Two Months in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica
20th September 2014
The Wisdom of Crowds (or should that be colonies?)
17th September 2014
Zooniverse goes live!
22nd August 2014
Start of the 2014 season!
21st February 2014
Satellite camera deployed!
19th February 2014
Getting over-excited about satellites.
8th January 2014
More cameras – cool pictures.
27th December 2013
Cameras and whales
18th December 2013
Getting ready to join the Ocean Diamond
15th December 2013
Union Glacier and Gould Bay
15th November 2013
Destination – South Sandwich!
3rd March 2013
End of the season – calm seas and safe passage.
18th December 2012
Peaceful, sunny Antarctica (and lots more cameras).
8th December 2012
Cameras, scaffolding and lots of penguin data!
21st November 2012
Ushuaia – the end of the world (nearly)
22nd December 2011
Fighting rats on South Georgia
1st February 2011
South Sandwich Islands