WOW! People love counting penguins!

Penguin Watch ( is live – tell your friends, children etc! Already wonderful volunteers have classified about 8000 images to completion (when several people’s clicks agree, the image gets retired).

Thanks so much to Quark Expeditions, who have donated a trip to Antarctica. The hope is that this will really get the message out and encourage new people to take part.


As I get time, I’ll post some of the most interesting pictures that people are flagging up as interesting, curious or beautiful.

To start, here’s Port Lockroy in an Autumnal blizzard:

Probably gentoos returning from the sea at Petermann – we tried a highway camera a little while ago:

Also, people are flagging up images that are out of the ordinary, like this. The unexpected can be particularly interesting:


A sheathbill on Danco Island in the middle of winter- definitely not meant to be here!

Thanks to everyone out there who is clicking, and to dedicated volunteers like Zsuzi, AvastMH, NickyPeng and Vroni, the superusers who have been moderating everyone on this.

Thank you!